A couple of January days in Madrid

Last weekend we had a short stay in Madrid. We had to go for an appointment on Friday at midday in the big city so we decided to book a hotel and be there for the night. The weather forecast was good for Madrid, and it didn’t disappoint us. We woke up early and drove there with almost no traffic, just a bit of snow, and arrived there with plenty of time to get to the meeting. By 12:30 we were free so we went to the hotel and started enjoying the sunny city. Sunny but cold, what could we expect from January anyway?

I love architecture and like to observe the details of the buildings, patterns and shapes. Sometimes they look better in a black and white image.

Kio Tower

A walk in the sun in the park of El Retiro seems a nice way to spend a Saturday morning in Madrid. I’ve been to Madrid lots of times but never had the time to enjoy the park or have a walk around the famous streets of the city. Buskers and musicians could be found every couple of hundred meters and it was crowded with everyone having a relaxing time.

Trumpet player in Madrid

I usually forget how often people use these green parks in the big cities to forget about the fuss and the city itself. Cold air, warm sunlight and that “I’m going to fall asleep if I close my eyes” feeling when you are sat down on the steps near the lake while listening to the “Gypsy & Dixie” music band, whose trumpet player is in the picture above. We didn’t fall asleep though, as we had to head back to the hotel and then back home, but not before stopping to take the last pictures of the trip, some break dancers doing a ‘improvised’ show. Amazing dancers from Colombia, Brazil, France and Russia, as they said. Not one from Madrid, as usually happens with these things in the big city.

Break dancer in Madrid

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