Found a praying mantis on the patio

Today I was surprised to see one of these insects a few metres away from the house. I don’t know why I had the idea that these animals lived only in some tropical regions, or maybe even further away! Apparently there is a European praying mantis, which is likely to be the type I saw today.

Although I don’t own a macro lens, a telephoto like the Nikon 70-200 racked out at 200mm will take a nice image. You just need to be careful when focusing as due to the size of the subject it’s easy to focus on the background instead. It’s also important not to move at all when you are taking the photo. Focus on it, and then move just one centimetre before pressing the shutter and the whole thing would be out of focus.

Not a fan of taking photos of insects but recently they all appear to come to the garden to visit, so here it is.

Praying mantis

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