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It has been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, but I’ve been very busy over the last 2 months. To sum everything up, I’ve flown to New Zealand and back, and once to England and back too. I’ve driven to England again through France, spent a lot of time -mostly stationary- on the enjoyable British M25 heading Southampton and last weekend was spent in the lost mountains of León in Spain. This year so far I’ve spent more time abroad than at home, sometimes for good reasons, and sometimes not so good ones with better endings. But now there is no excuse, so I can relax, sit down with a cup of coffee and start writing again. But before that I’d like to apologise to my millions of followers for the blog inactivity! And of course, you should expect lots of photos from New Zealand in the coming months! Uh-oh…

I was in New Zealand for almost a month with my dad and it was an amazing experience. We had lots of laughs and took many photos. I was looking forward to travelling anywhere in the world with my dad , and New Zealand was the trip of his life so it seemed the perfect opportunity. I flew alone and met him there, because he had been in Auckland for a month already. New Zealand is certainly far away if you live in Europe, but it’s definitely worth going. As Jim Carrey in the film The Truman Show says, “You can’t get any further away before you start coming back”.

We rented a car and drove around both the North and South Islands, stopping now and again to get images of whatever it was in front of us, you name it: cliff, beach, island, mountain, lake, bay, plain, sunrise, tree, road, cow, sheep, sunset, hydroplane, glider, yacht, boat… Sometimes it even looked like some of these things had been arranged to appear together, like in a film scene, but better, because it wasn’t a film: it was just New Zealand being New Zealand.

The nice man in customs at Auckland airport had told me about the light there, while checking that my tent didn’t have any soil residue. He told me that light was very bright there and I remember thinking that was a little weird. I can’t remember much more about that conversation, as my brain finds it difficult to retain information after a sleepless 30h+ flight. Anyway, I don’t know if there is any truth in it, maybe the Antarctic ozone layer makes the light different at certain angles of the sun, or maybe it’s only perception. But light there is different during sunrise and sunset; I could tell you that it’s more kind of yellow-ish, with a different colour temperature, orange-ish with tones of magenta or any other useless -ish adjective… but the best advice I can give you is my recommendation to go there once in your life if it’s possible. Or, in fact, anywhere else that you prefer, I’m sure light is different for you there too.

Although I’ll show lots of photos from this trip in the next few weeks, probably even months on the blog, the photo below is not from this trip. It’s a photo of me and my dad taken by my sister with her iphone on the north coast of Spain. It’s symbolic to the start of our adventure together as despite the enormous distance between Spain and New Zealand, sometimes I like to think that the water that washes the shores of both countries is just the same .

Dad & Me


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