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One of the thousand things I like about photography is that it involves lots of different techniques. One of them, which has existed since the very start of photography, is creating panoramas; taking several images and stitching them together to generate a larger picture. As every lens has a limited minimum focal length, you can get a bigger field of view when using the panorama technique. When you take pictures around a “turning point” up and down, left to right, covering every possible area you can see from where you are standing, you get a full panorama. In this case, you get the maximum field of view possible, 360º horizontally and 180º vertically.

As every other photography technique, you can use it anywhere. However, because full panoramas show everything around the camera, they are used extensively to show building interiors and exteriors (hotels, restaurants, gardens etc.) so the viewer gets an idea about what it´s actually like to be in a place. For this reason, full panoramas are a suitable option to showcase a business on the web. Nowadays, almost any business has a website, and having some panoramas on it may help the owner to show their business interactively.

They say that an image is worth more than a thousand words, so I suppose this affirmation is also valid for a 360º panorama. Below you can see a virtual tour, which is just a set of panoramas in the city of London that I took in April last year.

I think I started making 360 panoramas in around 2007 and I’ve always wanted to have my own website where I could display some of them so I could sell my work to possible clients more easily. The project itself is not new, but the website that shows my work is: The idea of the name came up one day driving, in one of those moments when your brain does weird things, so don’t look for a why, I just like it.

It was time to have a website of my own to show the other type of photography work I do. Feel free to take a look at some of the panoramas and virtual tours on the page, and if you own a business let’s talk.

I make panoramas, and the logo is a llama: it’s PanoramaLlama.

It’s a panorama, and it’s a llama: it’s PanoramaLlama.

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