Surfing Surfari – Macho Fins in the wild

We were lucky to have some great weather last week and spent some of our time in the water. Small waves and a beautiful sunset.

Here are a few pictures of Nat Smith trialling her new limited edition Macho Fin in the north of Spain. First impressions are great as it was a perfect fit in the fin box! This specially crafted rudder fin allows for quick turns and good stability on the wave, maximising the possibility of getting your toes on the nose.

It was nice to be in warm(ish) water for once, it’s the Atlantic after all. The light was really smooth and it was a good excuse for me to get my board out too. A lovely evening with the chance to enjoy two of my passions.

If you are interested in acquiring a new fin, go and visit their website




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Beautiful article and beautiful photos, thanks David for taking the time to do this and sharing the Macho Fins love!

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