Waiting for Lightroom 6? Get it first from Adobe FTP Server

Everyone seems to be waiting for the release of Lightroom 6. There are rumours everywhere about exactly when this will  happen, but the truth is that the long awaited new version won’t be available until it’s uploaded by the Adobe people to their servers.

So, if you really want to get Lightroom 6 as soon as it’s released the best option is to use the Adobe FTP Server. It’s not a secret server, actually it’s public. You can download any version of Lightroom for Windows and Mac from this server; in fact any Lightroom version from Lr 1.2 is available there. To be more precise, you can download any photography related software from Adobe: Photoshop, Creative Suite, DNG Converter… or non-related: Acrobat, Dreamweaver. Anything.

This is the Adobe FTP Server URL for Lightroom: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/lightroom/

If you use FTP client software, create a new connection, paste the URL given above (remove /lightroom/ for the root folder) and use an anonymous login. Save it and you’ll have it handy for when Lightroom 6 is ready to download.

In Cyberduck the setup is really easy:

Adobe FTP Server Cyberduck

NOTE: Some people have asked me if this way of downloading is free and legal. Just to clarify, it’s legal (Adobe makes this server public to everyone), but you still need to buy a license in order to use any software you get from there.

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